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  • Cameron Branch

Control the narrative, Control the World

This article once read could be looked at as hypocritical. I clearly have an agenda and bias against the mainstream media, the bitter irony of it is that I'll argue that the MSM has a bias driven agenda that has manipulated the way the majority of people think to help push a narrative that benefits the very people who own the media. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory, it’s actually quite simple. You don’t need millions of people, news hosts, actors and journalists to all be in on it across the globe, you just need to influence the 6 people who own it all. It’s merely the manipulation and censorship of information on a mass scale by a very small number of people and the smaller it is the easier it is to control

Don’t believe me? What if I told you that the narrative of what we know is controlled by only 4 corporations that own 90% of the US media? What if I told you those same 4 corporations are dictated to by a political ideology that serves their very own interest? What if I told you that the very people who profit from this ideology will do anything to protect and continue their financial dominance and the news simply becomes an extension of their political parties agenda? Well this most definitely falls under the conspiracy category, however I believe it’s finally time to wake up to the scary reality of the situation and eliminate the word theory from that statement.

The USA are the global epicentre of information and have the worlds largest media base. Their reach and influence extends far beyond their boarders not only through politics and military strength but through news, entertainment, hollywood, music and many more avenues. The 4 media conglomerates Comcast (via NBCUniversal), Disney, ViacomCBS (controlled by National Amusements), and AT&T (via WarnerMedia) whether through direct ownership, majority share or even minority voting shares, own 90% of the US media extended across the globe under their entourage of smaller organisations. Throw in Facebook and Google and we have 6 billionaire owners with almost complete control of what the world knows and thinks

Why is free thinking ridiculed and challenged when a person is opposed to the 'mainstream narrative'? Even when evidence is presented in favour it is still scoffed at if your argument challenges the common way of thinking. In particular It’s mocked most furiously by the MSM itself. It’s funny when you think about it because I feel like we al deep down know that the news is majority bending of the truth, yet still we all use it as our main source of information. You can see it with the consistency’s in the way headlines are framed almost as if they were scripted by the same person, the lack of context for quotes or statistics, un related footage used as B roll, the use of phrases like ‘sources say’ or ‘an un-named source said’ are used to ad credibility these stories, and once you have seen it, you can not un see it. Even the use of censorship and lack of coverage is just as manipulative as lying. Unreliable rumours are spread as truth and sensationalism is everywhere.  

What makes independent media so ‘unreliable’ but the mainstream media so ‘credible’? They use the same facts yet somehow seem to often draw differing conclusions. Why is MSM always delivering the same message often even using the same wording or keywords and why does MSM sensationalise fear and division? I know I am asking a lot of questions and as yet not giving too many answers but maybe the key thing here is not to give you answers but to push you into researching these questions for yourself. I've done the research, I've found the facts, but for me to show you the evidence and tell you in the same sentence to not just blindly believe what you are told is folly. It contradicts everything I'm saying. Even when there is flat out proof of how these people are benefitted by such an agenda, who would report it? Certainly not the mainstream media themselves, they obviously wouldn't report on themselves, it’s a full proof system. Control the narrative, Control the world

Ultimately all I can offer to you as advice is to use your own discernment and don’t blindly trust what you see in front of you. The facts are there for us to see but they aren't all in news articles. Be it through sheer laziness or even ignorance, we never perform due diligence, usually sharing an article written by someone else with their own bias, agenda or opinion. We all know money is the greatest influence in this world and sadly sometimes the benefit to all is not the benefit to those in power. Again I say that this article once read could be looked upon as hypocritical, I don't expect you to blindly believe what I have written, but if this prompts you to question what we know as truth, perhaps its served its purpose

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